Purina Beggin' Strips Original with Bacon Dog Treats 14 oz. Pouch

Dogs don’t know it’s not bacon, that’s why Beggin’ Strips have been known to make dogs do some crazy things! They come runnin’ as soon as they get a whiff of that bacony aroma. As it wafts through the house, they answer the call with tongues out, eyes popped and tails waggin’! Each Beggin’ Strip dog treat is made with real bacon and is sure to unleash a good time with your dog. Choose from Bacon and Cheese Flavors and Bacon and Beef Flavors in regular strips. Beggin’ Collisions might be the treat for your bacon-loving pooch – each strip starts with the taste of bacon and collides with unexpected flavors like peanut butter. And we didn’t forget about the little bacon hounds in your life – Beggin’ Littles are the perfect size for your little guy. These varieties are available in sizes from 3-oz. all the way up to 48-oz. bags. So, pick a flavor, pick a size and get ready for hilarity to ensue! Oh..and remember, these meaty masterpieces are only for treat time, not dinner time. See the back panel of the package for feeding instructions. Features bacon flavor and aroma that dogs crave The original strip that started it all by bringing out every dog’s hilarious obsession with bacon! DOGS DON'T KNOW IT'S NOT BACON Beggin’ Strips smell like sizzlin’ bacon taste like savory bacon heck they’re even made with real bacon. Feed only as a treat to your adult dog. He’ll want it as a meal but you must resist his hilarious obsession with these meaty masterpieces when it comes to dinnertime. (See back panel for feeding instructions.) Proudly produced in Clinton, IA and Dunkirk, NY.