Why do I need to create an account and choose a store?

By creating an account you will be able to log in quickly, start shopping and track your past orders.  You are also able to save your favorite items and quickly reorder a previous order.

2. Why do I need to select a store?

By selecting a store you’ll be able to shop from that store’s specific inventory of items.

3. I see that your only offering this at the Parnall location.  Why do your other locations not offer ordering on line for pickup?

Today we are only offering our Parnall locations for paying on line and picking up.   We are working on adding our other locations in the near future.

4.  How much is pickup?

Polly's Country Market fee for pickup at any store is $4.95 per order. We are working on offering monthly and yearly memberships in the future.

5.  How soon can I receive my order?

Because of the high demand for online orders, there is a a minimum of an 1 1/2-hour lead time to the next available time slot.  If that slot has reached the max number of pick ups you will be shown the next available time.

6.  What type of payments does Polly's Country Market accept?

We currently accept Visa, Mastercard, and Debit for online orders at this time.  We are working on adding American Express, store gift cards and EBT in the near future.

7.  When will my credit card be charged for my order?

We pre-authorize or “place a hold” on your credit card when you place your order online for the estimated value plus $5.00 or 10% whichever is higher, this it to handle any additional charges for weighted grocery items like produce or meat, which are approximate values on our site. When our personal shopper has finished shopping, your order is rung up at the register and an exact amount is known. Only then will your credit card be charged for that amount.

9.  Are the prices the same as if I were shopping in store?

Yes, the prices online are the same as the prices in store the same day.

10.  Can I use coupons online?

Currently we do not accept coupons with on line orders.

11.  If I add an item to my cart that is an approximate weight like bananas or ground beef how will I be charged for it?

In your cart, you’ll see an estimated weight and price for items priced by the pound.  When we shop for your order… each item will be weighed and you’ll be charged for the actual weight of the items you purchased.

12. What happens if the grocery item I ordered goes on sale after I ordered it online?

If the item you ordered is offered at a lower price between the time you order and the time our personal shopper totals your order, you’ll receive the lower sale price.  All final prices are reflective of the price at the time it is rung up at the register.

13.  What if an item is unavailable?  Will Polly's Country Market substitute another similar item?

Yes, if you authorize us to.  We will find a comparable item to complete your shopping list… we will then charge you the price of the new item.  In addition we guarantee to communicate any changes we have made to your order by calling you before you pick up time.

14.   I have a request for an item I can’t find online, can you add new items?

Yes, if you can’t find an item please let us know!  Please leave a note for us in the note section at the time of checkout.  If we can supply it to our stores we would be happy to add it to our online shopping.

15.  Can I add an item to my order after I checkout?

As long as the store has not started shopping your order you may add to it.  Visit the My Account section find Orders and click on the order to add items to it.  You will need to provide your payment information again.  If this is unavailable you can call the store and we can try our best to add that item, depending on where the order is in processing.  However, you can choose to send a second order for the same pick up time.  You will be charged a second fee for the same day pickup.

16.  Can I delete an item from my order after checkout?

You are welcome to call the store and ask for an item to be removed from your order.  We can remove an item before it is “In Progress” or being shopped for.

17.  What if the product I received is less than perfect?

Please contact your Polly's Country Market store.  We will do everything possible to insure your satisfaction! 

18.  What if I have to cancel an order?  Or will be late to pickup the order?

Please call the store you ordered from as soon as possible.  We are able to cancel any order up until it is “In Progress”.  Once the order has been changed to "In Progress" , there will be a 10% restocking fee on top of the 4.95 pickers fee.  Status updates will be emailed to you to let you know when this is.